The Accounting System has been designed to be user friendly so that users at all levels can operate it and generate the required accounting reports and MIS reports. Although the accounting system is based on double entry book keeping principles, the user need not have the knowledge of double entry accounting principles as this is abstracted and carried out in the back-end processing through the business logic in the programme. The principal features of the accounting module include:

  • It is a web based application with simple and easy to use screens which will make it possible to deploy the system across multiple zones and departments.
  • Role based access control providing logical security to use the system.
  • The accounting entries are passed automatically in the back-end and are posted in the respective General Ledger based on the NMAM guidelines.
  • Possible to generate the financial statements and other reports at any point of time/for any given period.
  • Supports accounting for all types of transactions i.e. Receipts, Payments, Journal Vouchers and Contra Entries.
  • Online Property TAX Payment
  • Username
  • Password
  • Financial Year

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